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Stepping off the edge of the shorebreak (THANK YOU!)

A child's growth brings pride, joy... and sorrow

By Caleb Stanton
May 16, 2020

There is a specific moment that overwhelms me every time I swim in the ocean: The coldness of the Pacific rises quickly from my waist to my chest as I wade to the edge of the shorebreak. I find myself walking on my toes as I strain my neck above the waterline. Suddenly, the ground beneath my feet is lost, and the ocean has me.

In an an instant, I am transformed into a speck of carbon tossed about by an infinite reservoir of brine and power. I am small. I am no longer in control. The sudden sense of powerlessness is deeply unsettling and profoundly beautiful all at once. I feel… alive.

Stepping off the edge of a shorebreak can be scary. We hesitate. Our toes cling to the safety of the sand. But once we commit, we find ourselves experiencing a vibrant energy that simply doesn’t exist on dry land.

I started writing because I’ve found beauty and purpose when I dare to explore the questions that lie beyond the shorebreak. I am thrilled (and deeply honored) that you are exploring with me. Thank you.

In gratitude,